12 Aug 2021

"Pandemic and the Global Economy": A Webinar Series by the WTI

In 2021, the world is still very much in the tight grips of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite large-scale vaccination campaigns all around the globe, shortage of vaccine doses in developing countries, new variants of the original virus and increasing opposition to safety measures like masks and social distancing continue to pose a serious threat to public health and the economy alike.

Questions about how the pandemic affects the global economy and trade remain of high interest and need to continue to be addressed and discussed. The WTI's 2020 webinar series "Pandemic and the Global Economy" examined issues and challenges raised by recent experiences and remains, therefore, as relevant and important as before.

In a total of ten sessions, experts from different areas of study and research came together to discuss topics such as different national policy responses to the COVID-19 crisis, the replacement of cooperation by competition, export restrictions or efforts to re-localize global supply chains.

Click here for the detailed list of sessions, all of which are available as recordings.

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