27 Sep 2011

Upcoming WTI / UNITAR e-Learning Courses (starting on 3 October 2011)

The four to six week long courses are designed specifically for officials and professionals wishing to deepen their knowledge and understanding of cutting-edge areas of international trade in a flexible and practical way. The courses are entirely self-taught via the internet. Apply now for these opportunities!

  • Preparing and Conducting Services Negotiations
    from 3 to 28 October 2011
    P. Sauvé (WTI, University of Bern / NCCR Trade Regulation)

  • Managed Mobility: Trade, Migration and Labour Movement
    from 17 October to 11 November 2011
    Prof. M. Panizzon (WTI, University of Bern / NCCR Trade Regulation)  and
    Dr Ryszard Cholewinski (International Labour Office) 

  • Food Security - Can Trade and Investment Improve it?
    from 21 November to 16 December 2011 
    Dr Ch. Häberli (WTI, University of Bern / NCCR Trade Regulation

More information can be found on UNITAR's website.