4 Nov 2021

Prof. Elisa Fornalé participates in the International Law Weekend ILW 2021

The American branch of the International Law Association invited Prof. Fornalé as a panelist at their International Law Weekend ILW 2021.

The conference took place from 28-30 October 2021 under the theme of "Reinvesting in International Law" and featured a total of 32 panels, a High-Level President’s Opening Plenary, two keynote addresses, the 99th Members Meeting, award ceremonies, the Second Annual Trivia Night, and a  Career Session. 

Prof. Fornalé acted as panelist in the panel focused  on “Disappearing Land and Displaced Persons: Climate Change and International Law”. She spoke on the displacement of persons caused by rising sea levels and took part in the discussion together with Cecilia Jimenez-Damary (UN Special Rapporteur), Nicola Swan (Partner at Chapman Tripp) and Donald Rothwell (Australian National University).

The full programme of the conference can be found here.