8 Dec 2010

WP4 project awarded PHC Germaine de Staël grant

The project “Migration Agreements, Associative Practices and Transnational Communication for a Global Migration Governance” jointly presented by NCCR Trade Regulation of the World Trade Institute (WTI) of Bern with the Institute for Research and Development (IRD) of Montpellier was granted the PHC Germaine de Staël funding for 2011 with the best evaluation from both the French and the Swiss committees.

What is the PHC Germaine de Staël?
PHCs (Partenariats Hubert Curien) are bilateral programmes supporting researcher’s mobility between France and its partners. The PHC Germaine de Staël is the Franco-Swiss partnership implemented by the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences (SATW) and the French ministries of Foreign and European Affairs (MAEE) and of Higher education and Research (MESR).

The awarded project
Our project on “Migration Agreements, Associative Practices and Transnational Communication for a Global Migration Governance” aims at establishing a scientific cooperation partnership between doctoral and post-doctoral teams of the NCCR Trade Regulation – WTI and the IRD Montpellier on the innovative topic of multilateral and bilateral economic migration governance, the joint management of migration flows, and the involvement of associative actors as well as the use of new communication technologies within it. It aims at promoting research on the conditions of circular migration and the link between migration and development through comparative studies as well as knowledge and experiences’ sharing among young researchers.

Through yearly meetings, the project aims at favouring production, appropriation and diffusion of knowledge within an objective of capacities reinforcement, both at the individual and the institutional levels, on the topic of migration agreements, associative practices and transnational communication, and their role in the implementation of a global migration governance. This interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary topic teams up a laboratory which addresses the issue within the perspective of international economic law and political science (NCCR Trade Regulation – WTI) and another more within the perspective of geography, sociology and political science (IRD Montpellier) in order to sensitise young researchers of international law to the methods used by their colleagues in humanities and vice-versa, as well as to the national and regional approaches (France, Switzerland, Spain, South America and Africa). Thus, the objective is to bring new knowledge, to create collective knowledge, to change researcher’s attitudes, to reinforce research potential and the use of results by scientific and politic stakeholders as well as by the whole society.

For more information on the project contact the project co-leaders:
-       Switzerland: Lisa Salcedo Pfeiffer (lisa.salcedo [at] wti.org)
-       France: Jean-Baptiste Meyer (jean-baptiste.meyer [at] ird.fr)