28 Feb 2022

The WTI stands in Solidarity with Ukraine and its People

The news of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has left us shocked and we are following the latest developments with great concern and a heavy heart. The WTI strongly condemns the attack on Ukraine's sovereignty.

At the WTI, we attach great importance to the relationship with our many Ukrainian alumni, whom we all remember as hard-working, talented and bright individuals striving to achieve a better future for their homeland. The Ukrainian people are strong, resilient and the global community supports their right for self-determination.

With this message, we would like to offer you our sincere and heartfelt moral support. We admire your country’s tireless efforts to preserve peace against the odds and the immense courage you are showing in these difficult times.

We stand in solidarity with all of you and remain hopeful that there will be a solution to this depressing situation soon.

Слава Україні!


Joseph Francois, Managing Director
Manfred Elsig, Deputy Managing Director and Director of Research
Peter Van den Bossche, Director of Studies

and the whole WTI.