23 Aug 2022

Visit of the Indonesian Ambassador to Switzerland and Indonesian Parliamentary Delegation

On August 19, a delegation of the Indonesian People Consultative Assembly (MPR) visited the University of Bern and the World Trade Institute, accompanied by the Ambassador, Prof. Muliaman Hadad.

Last Friday, we had the pleasure to welcome, a high level delegation from Indonesia. 

Representatives of the World Trade Institute (WTI) and the Centre for Development and Environment (CDE) of the University of Bern, presented and discussed with the Indonesian delegation several issues of common concern. Among the many topics were:

  • Transition to a green economy
  • Sustainable development
  • Policies to curb greenhouse gas emissions

The event was opened by the University Board, with opening remarks from the Ambassador for Indonesia in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Prof Muliaman Hadad. It then continued with short presentations from CDE and WTI, and follow up with discussion (Q&A)


The Indonesian Government has stipulated a Presidential Regulation concerning the Implementation of the Value of Carbon Economy with the aim to achieve the Nationally Determined Contribution Target and Controlling Greenhouse Gas Emissions in National Development. Addionally, their Law Number 11 from 2020, which concerns Job Creation, was a way to improve various laws across sectors, especially for the Environment and Forestry. Based on these regulations, the People Consultative Assembly (MPR) have created a Research Board.

Switzerland was named one of the five countries succeeding in the implementation of the green economy and the Sustainable Development Goals because it has taken concrete action on environmental issues, especially climate, energy and air pollution. These include waste management that is processed into energy sources, maintenance of water quality through wastewater treatment, climate change mitigation through carbon removal technologies and disaster displacement platform initiatives to address climate migration at the global level. These are some things that Indonesia wants to learn from Switzerland.