4 Oct 2022

Prof. Van den Bossche at the conference "Constitutionalism, Transnational Governance Failures and Policy Responses"

On 29 and 30 September 2022, Prof. Peter Van den Bossche, the WTI’s Director of Studies, participated in a conference on Constitutionalism, Transnational Governance Failures and Policy Responses at Le Château, HEC Paris, organized by Armin Steinbach, HEC Paris, and Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann, European University Institute, Florence.

Prof. Van den Bossche presented a paper on Proposals for Overcoming the Appellate Body Crisis.

Also participating in this conference were

  • Pascal Lamy, former WTO Director-General and EU Trade Commissioner;
  • Peter Altmaier, former German Minister for Economy and for the Environment;
  • John W.H. Denton, Secretary General, International Chamber of Commerce; and
  • Merit Janow, former Dean of the School of International and Public Affairs of Columbia University and WTO Appellate Body Member.

More info on the HEC website.