14 Dec 2022

Reporting on the GEG Seminar: "Reforming and Transforming: Change Initiatives for the WTO and its Secretariat."

What a GEG Seminar yesterday evening! Check out some photos.

The WTI wants to express special thanks to Ms Victoria Donaldson is Transformation Office Manager at the WTO Secretariat. Her presentation was inspired and fascinating. Are "change", "transformation" or "reform" positive terms? How do you transform an institution like the WTO? Do you start from the small things or the big complicated issues? What can be done "now" and what needs to wait a full compromise? Where do we stand with the member states' driven initiativies? And what's happening at the technical and personnel level at the WTO?

A lot of questions that triggered a very lively discussion.

You can find some photos of the Seminar here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set?vanity=World.Trade.Institute&set=a.531050552373080

More info about the event below and here.