23 Dec 2022

WTI's ‘Know the GAP’ Gender Research Team joins the first WTO’s historic World Trade Congress on Gender

In our latest blog article, WTI's Modesta Nsowaa-Adu and Prof Elisa Fornalé report on their participation at the first World Trade Congress on Gender at the World Trade Organization. Happy reading!

The WTI's ‘Know the GAP’ team, led by Professor Elisa Fornalé, together with other leading experts on #trade and #gender, participated in the first international research conference on gender organized by the World Trade Organization. Key topics of discussion at this historic conference centred on gender-responsive trade policies, sustainable recovery, and women's economic empowerment.

TRAIL+5 student and a member of the WTIs gender research team, Ms Modesta Nsowaa-Adu, presented the team's interdisciplinary research on the proposed Gender Protocol under the African Continental Free Trade Area (#AfCFTA) ... 

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