2 Apr 2012

Distance learning programme presents new course

The WTI is pleased to announce an updated e-learning course for 2012 on ''Trade, Energy and Climate Change'' together with UNITAR. The course, which runs from 16 April to 18 May, is taught entirely online via self-study modules and has been revised to include a brand new module on energy.

Climate change is one of the most important international issues facing the world today. This course, which is jointly conducted with UNITAR will give you an insider’s view of the recent developments in the World Trade Organization (WTO) aimed to address the triangle of trade, energy and climate change, including the WTO-legality of carbon taxes, emissions trading, and border measures. Particular attention will be paid to the concerns of developing countries and emerging economies.

Questions to be tackled include:

  • Is climate change a developed or developing world problem?
  • To what extent, if any, is trade linked to climate change and, if so, can the trading system be harnessed to reduce climate change?
  • What role should the WTO play in the effort to mitigate climate change?
  • What are the implications of unilateral climate change policies in the energy sector for international trade?

The "Trade, Energy and Climate Change" course will run from 16 April to 18 May 2012. Apply now for this newly updated course!