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3 Apr 2020 | News

My Winter/Summer Academy Experience at the WTI: Christine Jiang - Registration for the 2020 Summer Academy open NOW

Each year, the WTI offers courses covering cutting-edge issues in trade and investment law and policy which are de­signed for professionals as well as advanced master and PhD students. The Winter and Summer Academies also attract a vast number of people from abroad who wish to strengthen their knowledge and ...

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31 Mar 2020 | News

Virtual Summit | Re-thinking and taking action in the COVID-19 time

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic represents an unprecedented disruption to trade worldwide. What are international trade experts saying with regard to the development of a new strategic plan and common response to this global challenge?

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25 Mar 2020 | News

Post-WTI Life: WTI and my recent experience as an Intern at the WTO

Do you wonder what's in store for you immediately after graduating from the WTI? Shishira Johny from India recently completed the TRAIL+ programme in Bern and is now doing an internship in the Trade in Service and Investment Division at the WTO in Geneva. Find out how the TRAIL+ programme ...

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17 Mar 2020 | News

SRF 1 ECO: Coronavirus "infects" Economy

What impact does the coronavirus have on the stock markets? How do central banks react and what side effects do negative interest rates have? Listen to what WTI Executive Board member Aymo Brunetti had to say in the ECO episode aired last week.

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16 Mar 2020 | News

UPDATE (as of 16 March 2020): Information about the coronavirus (SARS CoV2)

The number of people infected by the coronavirus SARS CoV2 continues to increase rapidly in Switzerland. New measures to tackle the situation have been announced by the Federal Council on Friday, 13 March. Please be aware that the situation may change continuously. The most up-to-date information for Switzerland can be ...

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12 Mar 2020 | News

Call for Abstracts: Workshop “Environmental Social Sciences”

This Call for Abstracts is for the workshop "Environmental Social Sciences", organised by the Department of Social Sciences of the University of Bern. The submission deadline is 5 April 2020.

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11 Mar 2020 | News

Blame and Shame: Arthur E. Appleton shares his thoughts on Globalisation and Nationalism

Globalism is becoming the favourite scapegoat for politicians to deflect the blame for their own policy failures, especially in countries with nationalistic tendencies. WTI Faculty and Advisory Board member Arthur E. Appleton was featured in a radio interview earlier this week, where he argues that "the fight against globalization and ...

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10 Mar 2020 | News

Be a MILE ahead: Runqiu (Rachel) Du

Are you keen on pursuing one of the world’s leading programmes of advanced studies in the field of international trade regulation? Runqiu (Rachel) Du from China is currently enrolled in the MILE programme at the WTI. Read her interview to find out why she chose the MILE programme and how ...

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9 Mar 2020 | News

Be a TRAIL-blazer: Vishal Shrivastava

Are you a law graduate looking to take the next step in your career or in academia? The TRAIL+ programme at the WTI targets students and professionals with a legal background who are interested in specialising in international economic law with cross-disciplinary study of the global economy and trade and ...

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8 Mar 2020 | News

International Women's Day 2020

A message of solidarity and equality from the WTI Gender Committee.

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8 Mar 2020 | News

Is Trade Bad for Women?

WTI Advisory Board member Beata Javorcik shares her thoughts in episode 124 of the Trade Talks podcast with Soumaya Keynes & Chad Bown.

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6 Mar 2020 | News

WTI researchers participate in the Assembly of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) Switzerland

The SDSN Switzerland Assembly, held on 18 February in Bern, provided a platform for members, partners and other stakeholders to explore ways of cooperation to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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5 Mar 2020 | News

Call for Applications for the 7th WTI-CWS Joint Academy

Established in 2014, the WTI-CWS Joint academy aims to provide law students and legal professionals in India with an opportunity to increase their knowledge of trade regulation and governance issues.

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5 Mar 2020 | News

BBC Radio 5 Live: Joseph Francois appears on The Emma Barnett Show

The Emma Barnett show regularly features big-name interviews, original journalism and news-making stories.

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2 Mar 2020 | News

Dr Damian Raess questioned on the level playing field in international trade and labor standards

The House of Lords EU Internal Market Sub-Committee held an evidence session on Thursday 27 February, with regards to questions around the level playing field in UK-EU trade negotiations.

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1 Mar 2020 | News

Peter Van den Bossche delivers a lecture and participates in a roundtable discussion in Edinburgh

The roundtable discussion, chaired by Carolyn Thurston Smith, also included other speakers such as Ignacio Garcia Bercero from the European Commission and St. Anthony's College (Oxford) and Martin Bell from the Scottish Whisky Association.

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28 Feb 2020 | News

MILE Alumni Profiles: Jean-Philippe Herbert

MILE 17 graduate Jean-Philippe Herbert, a dispute settlement lawyer in the Legal Affairs division of the WTO in Geneva, began his career as a commercial litigator in Canada. In this interview, he talks about his professional journey and the benefits he gained from pursuing the MILE programme at the World ...

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26 Feb 2020 | News

WTI announces establishment of new scholarship fund

The WTI is proud to announce the establishment of the Patricia Murillo Montesdeoca Scholarship which will allow a student or young professional to pursue a one-year advanced master programme at the WTI in Bern, Switzerland.

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21 Feb 2020 | News

Peter Van den Bossche starts his Spring Semester teaching

On Monday and Tuesday, 17 and 18 February, WTI Director of Studies Peter Van den Bossche started his 14-week-long courses on 'International Economic Dispute Resolution' and 'International Economic Law and the Pursuit of Core Societal Values and Interests' respectively.

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19 Feb 2020 | News

WTI alumni play key role in Gujarat International Moot Court 2020

The 12th Gujarat International Moot Court (GIMC) competition, an important international trade law moot court held in India, has just concluded. The World Trade Institute is proud of the involvement of so many of its alumni in the event, which it has sponsored for more than ten years.

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