Hojjat Khademi

Khademi, Hojjat

Doctoral Fellow

Intellectual Property Rights
Genetic Resources and Traditional Knowledge
Agriculture Law

Hojjat Khademi has a Bachelor of Law (1995) and Master of International law (2003). He has worked as legal advisor and attorney at law in Iran (2009). Before that he was a member of the Ministry of Agriculture and his formal positions included: Director of Legal Office at Seed and Plant Certification and Registration Research Institute (2006-09), Director of Contracts and Conventions Department (2000-06), Research Projects Officer in International Affairs Office (1996-2000). The aim of his doctoral research is to determine whether it is possible to protect traditional knowledge (TK) and Iranian carpets (ICs) against unfair competition (UC) from other competitors. The research output is expected to include practical recommendations for a better solution to the problem of protection of TK on carpets at the national and international levels. It is expected to be used as a model for protection of other types of TK and to help national policy-makers to promote legal mechanisms on issues related to UC regulations and TK misappropriation cases.