Arpit Bhutani

Bhutani, Arpit

COO Circular Innovation Lab

Arpit Bhutani is a circular economy professional with a trade policy background.

He has worked with several trade policy organisations, including United Nations Conference on Trade and Development and United Nations Industrial Development Organisation. He has also worked in circular economy with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and is now at the Circular Innovation Lab in Denmark.

Arpit has a solid track record in understanding the confluence between trade and circular economy, covering practical industry solutions and policy work in wide geographical locations, ranging from South East Asia, Costa Rica, India, and North Africa.

Arpit also manages his 70-year-old family business started by his grandfather, which is focused on manufacturing spices, confectionaries and superfoods. He is also a TEDx speaker on the circular economy, Huffington post contributor and a book author on sustainability standards (2021, Peter Lang Publishing, New York).