Maura Iliuteanu MILE 12

MILE 12, Maura Iliuteanu


Maura Iliuteanu holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Bucharest. During her undergraduate studies, she developed a strong interest in both international law and political economy, undertaking a six-month exchange programme at the University of Rome's Faculty of Jurisprudence and Political Science where she studied International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and World Trade Organization (WTO) Law. Upon returning to Bucharest, she completed her BA thesis on Executive Supremacy and the Breach of IHL in the Guantánamo Cases. Aspiring to deepen her knowledge of Law in general and WTO Law in particular, she chose to pursue a two year Master's Degree from the Graduate Institute of International and Development studies in Geneva. Alongside her studies, participation in the European Law Students Association (ELSA) Moot Court Competition in Trade Law meant grueling hours, and work in a highly specialized field of law which would push her to academic limits she never dreamed to reach. In parallel with the moot court experience, she worked on her Master's Dissertation which focused on the role of trade and investment agreements in designing an optimal law to tackle transnational corruption. Maura has undertaken highly demanding internships with governmental and non-governmental institutions alike (Swiss Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Romanian Diplomatic Institute, Romanian Cultural Institute, Romanian Senate, Youth Leaders International and Initiatives of Change International), while also completing research assistantships both at the under- and postgraduate levels (IR and Trade Law). Finally, Maura is fascinated by the self-study of foreign languages, space geometry and game theory, and also photography and sports.