Nana Mensah MILE 12

MILE 12, Nana Mensah


Nana Mensah was born in Kumasi, Ghana, and raised in Norway. His background contributed to shaping his worldview and motivated him to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Development Studies at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. His bachelor thesis, which was awarded the highest grade, researched the following question: 'How can Ghana avoid the resource curse and use its newly found oil for development?' The thesis drew upon experience gained from the Norwegian oil model and how this model could be modified to fit the challenges Ghana was to face because of its newfound resource.

Upon completing his studies Nana took up a management position at S.T.O.L.T., a community development initiative focused on employment creation and crime prevention. He developed special interpersonal and leadership skills and experience working with adults of varied educational backgrounds, and reaffirmed his long-term commitment to gain further experience working on issues of broad social relevance. Nana's professional interest lies in the relationship between trade, investment and development and on the notion that a balanced interaction of these elements may contribute to sustainable development.