Máté Kander MILE 12

MILE 12, Máté Kander


Máté Kander is an economist currently holding a Trade and Economics Manager position at the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA) in Brussels. Before turning to trade in goods, he was engaged in services trade while working at the Services Unit of DG Trade of the European Commission.

In his current position Máté advises European automobile companies on trade policy issues and liaises with the European Union institutions to represent the interests of the auto industry in trade negotiations. In completion of his tasks, Máté has had ample opportunity to deal with diverse trade policy issues including tariff negotiations, non-tariff barriers, rules of origin, customs issues, intellectual property rights and trade remedies. These tasks required excellent knowledge of both the economics of trade and WTO law. His current position has also allowed Máté to gain insight into the functioning of international trade 'on the ground', an important asset for a trade professional.

Máté had the privilege to understand the specificity of trade in services while undertaking an internship position at DG Trade of the European Commission. During his tenure at DG Trade, Máté was involved in several sets of bilateral trade negotiations undertaken by the European Union.  In addition, Máté analysed and addressed market access problems raised by EU service providers.
He completed his Master's in International Law and Economics (MILE) degree at the World Trade Institute in Bern in 2012. graduating with Summa Cum Laude (highest) honours. Máté addressed the welfare implications of a potential EU-Japan FTA in his Master's thesis. His recent co-publication on India's trade policy for the European Yearbook of International Economic Law helped Máté improve his writing skills, while also allowing him to analyse national trade policies with a keen eye.
Máté is a national of Hungary, where he graduated in 2010 from Corvinus University of Budapest with two Bachelor's degrees in International Relations and International Business Economics. In his first thesis Máté addressed the topic of economic sanctions under the United Nations and later researched international trade by analysing the agricultural negotiations under the Doha Round. His internship experiences have included research positions at international organisations and the Human Rights Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as at the Hungarian Embassy in Brussels. Máté also gained insight into financial services while working in the Corporate Cash Management section at Deutsche Bank, Hungary. Máté speaks excellent Hungarian, English and German and has an advanced intermediate knowledge of French. He enjoys playing sports and spending time with friends.