Duy Dinh MILE 13

MILE 13, Duy Dinh


Khuong Duy Dinh graduated from the Foreign Trade University (FTU) of Vietnam with a Bachelor's degree in Internal Business Economics in 2010. Since then, he has been working as an assistant lecturer of International Trade Transactions at the FTU. Aside from his specialisation in legal and practical aspects of international sales contracts, Duy is increasingly interested in the field of customs laws. He seeks to contribute to the harmonisation and simplification of customs procedures in Vietnam in order to facilitate international trade and investment. For this reason, he joined the MILE 13 programme in hopes of equipping himself with the necessary knowledge and research tools to develop his career goals.

Duy is especially fond of visiting different places, discovering foreign cultures and making new friends. In his leisure time, he reads novels and enjoys classic Vietnamese music.