Michèle Glauser MILE 13

MILE 13, Michèle Glauser


Michèle Glauser graduated from the tri-national study programme in International Business Management, from France, Germany and Switzerland. During this time, she concluded an exchange semester at the University Federal of Bahia, Brazil where she focused on the Brazilian economy and international trade. Michèle acquired a background in banking through a commercial apprenticeship and internal education programmes at a Swiss bank which helped her to develop a strong interest in international economics, financial markets and investments. She has worked in the Economic and Commercial Section of the Swiss Embassy in Beijing, China where she developed a fascination for international relations, especially related to trade and investment. This passion led her to the MILE programme at the World Trade Institute. Aside from her studies, Michèle holds a pertinent role in the expansion of her family’s business into the UK market. Michèle has had several international experiences such as working for the Fundación Nacional de Clubes 4-S in Costa Rica, and conducting a study on informal microfinance in rural Cameroon, which was awarded the tri-national Prix Bartholdi.  She speaks German, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and basic Chinese, and loves travelling around the globe.