Enrik Haxhirexha MILE 13

MILE 13, Enrik Haxhirexha


Enrik Haxhirexha earned his Bachelor's Degree in Law in Albania, 2011. His interest in deepening his knowledge in the commercial field of law led him to study abroad in Rotterdam where he followed an LL.M. programme in Commercial Law (2011-2012). Through this, Enrik gained valuable insight into the transactional aspect of international trade such as the sale of goods, carriage of goods, European company law, corporate governance, international economic law and many others.

Fascinated by a course in international economic law while studying at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, Enrik decided to apply for the MILE programme at the World Trade Institute to deepen his knowledge on trade in a new, yet complementary perspective. Other areas of academic interest for Enrik include international dispute resolution and arbitration. Considering that ever more companies solve their disputes in arbitration and that this is a supplementary subject to international trade, Enrik wishes to pursue another LL. M. in this field of law after the successful completion of the MILE.

Enrik is fluent in Albanian, Italian, and English and is committed to learning French in the near future. In his spare time Enrik likes to travel, engage in sports of all kinds, spend time with friends and meet new people.