Truong Giang Hoang MILE 13

MILE 13, Truong Giang Hoang


Truong Giang graduated from the Foreign Trade University, Vietnam in 2010 with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, specialising in International Business Management. During his undergraduate studies and research, his attention was mainly focused on management in the context of globalisation and the impacts of international trade on service industries in Vietnam.

After graduation, Giang worked for Vietnam Airlines for more than a year. He participated in many strategic projects in the corporation, conducted research on the issues of strategic alliance in the global aviation industry as well as provided recommendations on how Vietnam Airlines could benefit from integration. His research was published in the External Economic Reviews, one of the most prestigious economic journals in Vietnam.

Giang has a strong desire to become a successful manager who can deliver core trading activities and realise competitive strategies for his country, particularly in the service sector. This was his main motivation in pursuing the MILE programme. Giang enjoys travelling and exploring new cultures. He often spends his spare time reading books, gardening and listening to Vietnamese folk music.