Sergii Melnyk MILE 13

MILE 13, Sergii Melnyk


Sergii Melnyk obtained his Master’s degree in International Business Law from the Central European University, Budapest. He holds a Bachelor of International Law from the National Yaroslaw the Wise Law Academy of Ukraine. Sergii is an active member of the Ukrainian scientific community. He participated in numerous conferences, seminars and workshops organized by universities, law firms and non-governmental organizations including the “Final Intellectual Property Conference” held in the European Patent Office. He also attended courses on the Civil and Criminal Law of the US, patronized by the Leavitt Institute of International Development and a series of conferences held by the Department of Legal Studies of Vienna University.  Sergii has participated in the activities of European Law Students’ Association (ELSA) on national and international levels. His main areas of interest are international trade law with a focus on the role of the WTO in Ukrainian economy, comparative contract law, economic analysis of contract law and international commercial arbitration. Sergii has volunteering experience as a staff member of several summer camps for children, held by the International Outreach Coalition, a non-profit organization of American volunteers in the Ukraine and worldwide.  Sergii speaks English, German, Russian and Ukrainian. In his spare time Sergii plays the guitar and the piano, does sports and travels as much as possible.