Henrique Sachetim MILE 13

MILE 13, Henrique Sachetim


Henrique Sachetim is a Foreign Trade Analyst at the Brazilian Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade charged with government activities in the formulation, implementation and evaluation of international trade policies. While working at the Department of International Negotiations, he has participated in the negotiations of regional trade agreements with a focus on services, investments, dispute settlement and government procurement of a variety of regional trade agreements, namely the European Union – MERCOSUR Interregional Association Agreement, Brazil – México, and other bilateral agreements.  Henrique has also been responsible for preparing comparative studies on regional trade agreements, consulting with the private sector on interests in international and regional negotiations, and for analyzing the compatibility of trade-related domestic draft legislation in services, investment, dispute settlement and government procurement with the WTO and MERCOSUR rules. 
Henrique holds a Master of Business Administration at the State of Paraná Federal University (UFPR) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration at the Londrina State University in Brazil.