Dr Lee Ann Jackson

Jackson, Lee Ann

MILE faculty

WTO agriculture negotiations
SPS implementation
Dispute settlement

Lee Ann Jackson is the Head of the Agro-food Trade and Markets Division in the OECD’s Trade and Agriculture Directorate. Based in Paris, she leads the work examining the links between policies and outcomes on food and agricultural markets, including specific analysis related to modelling medium term outlook for commodity markets, understanding policies from a food systems perspective, and enhancing the transparency and predictability of agricultural trade. She has over 20 years of experience working in the area of trade and agriculture, including 16 years working at the WTO, where she served as the Secretary to the Committee on Agriculture, advising WTO member countries on issues related to agricultural trade policy and multilateral negotiations. She was previously a Research Fellow in the School of Economics at the University of Adelaide in South Australia and a researcher in the Environment Division of the International Food Policy Research Institute in Washington DC. Dr Jackson completed her PhD in applied economics at the University of Minnesota; and has a joint master's degree in public policy and environmental studies from Yale University. She earned certification as a mediator through the Center for Effective Dispute Resolution. She has served as a consultant for leading international organisations involved in agriculture policy and trade, including the Food and Agriculture Organization and the Consultative Group for International Agriculture Research.