Keyla Villegas Gomez MILE 14

MILE 14, Keyla Villegas Gomez


Keyla Villegas Gomez graduated from the University del Norte, Colombia in 2012, with a Bachelor's degree in international relations and major in international law. During her undergraduate studies, she participated actively in a wide variety of political debates and seminars on areas such as logistics, international business and international trade. While studying, she worked as a volunteer in environmental and development programmes in suburban areas, the aim of which was to reduce levels of contamination and preserve the environment.

She was a guest student at the Zurich and ETH Universities, helping her learn more about international approaches and frameworks in the political field. She joined the WTI in order to get a deeper insight into the world trade system and to be exposed to key challenges in the field of international trade regulation. She speaks English, Spanish, German and basic French. She enjoys playing golf, skiing and hiking, as well as dancing and travelling.