Hang Zhang MILE 14

MILE 14, Hang Zhang


Hang Zhang graduated from East China Jiaotong University with a Bachelor's degree in International Economics and Trade in 2012. He then attended the Shanghai University of International Business and Economics (SUIBE) to study international trade.

After finishing the MILE programme, he will be returning to SUIBE to undertake a Master's degree. Under the direction of his tutor, Lei Zhang, the WTO Chair, Hang participated in several projects related to trade: “The Opening Up of Service Industry and Policy Options: Base on Empirical Study on Intellectual Property Service Industry in China”, “The study of trade policies in Central-East Europe”, and the BRICs programme of SUIBE International Trade Advanced Research Institute. Furthermore, he also attended the 6th WTO Postgraduate Summer School jointly hosted by WTO and the municipal government of Shanghai.

Hang has developed a deep interest in trade and WTO law as a consequence of his studies. He hopes the MILE programme will provide special training in international law and trade, enhancing his competitive strength in turn. He likes reading, travelling and playing football