Purity Bere MILE 15

MILE 15, Purity Bere



Purity Bere graduated from Witwatersrand University, South Africa in April 2014 with a Bachelor of Laws degree (LLB). In 2009, she worked as a research assistant at Bere Brothers Legal Practitioners in Zimbabwe. In 2013, as part of her final year of studies, Purity worked at the South African Human Rights Commission and the Wits Law Clinic as a graduate trainee. There she conducted client interviews, oversaw all client intake services, conducted workshops and worked on promotion of access to information campaigns in communities.

Prior to joining the MILE, Purity worked as a legal intern at the Southern Africa Litigation Center, where she was actively involved in the promotion of human rights and the rule of law in southern Africa. Her areas of interest include trade, investment and economic development of developing countries. Purity was awarded a SECO scholarship to pursue the MILE programme.