Khuong Le MILE 16

MILE 16, Khuong Le


In 2015, Khuong Le graduated from the Foreign Trade University of Vietnam with an excellent Bachelor’s degree in international trade. Working on his graduation thesis with the topic 'Applying General Exceptions of the non-discrimination principle in WTO dispute settlement' ignited Khuong’s keen interest in international law. This encouraged him to apply for the Master's programme in International Law and Economics (MILE) at the World Trade Institute, Bern, Switzerland. In addition to admission to the MILE, he was awarded a Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) Scholarship to pursue his studies.

Khuong wants to become an expert in international law and economics to make a contribution to the development of his country in general and to inspire young students in particular. 

Khuong loves music, art, film, photography, etc. He also likes to make new friends and new experiences.