Faith Tigere MILE 16

MILE 16, Faith Tigere


Faith Tigere obtained her LLB (2012) and her Postgraduate Diploma in Law (2015) at the University of Witwatersrand. During her studies, Faith was a tutor for Constitutional Law and Customary Law. After obtaining her LLB, she interned at the Mandela Institute as a research intern. Faith worked on research on foreign direct investment, double taxation treaties and bilateral investment treaties.

She joined ProBono.org as a legal advisor in 2013. ProBono.org is a public interest non-governmental organisation that aids communities and individuals unable to afford legal services. Faith worked in the Refugee and Family Law departments focusing on children’s matters. She published an article for the South African Attorneys Journal with the title “The Right to Name and Nationality: The Issue of undocumented migrant children”. Another upcoming article on the issue of mining and investments is to be published with the title “Understanding Expropriation and Deprivation in South Africa: The Case of Agri-SA V Minister for Minerals and Energy [2013] ZACC 9”.

Faith’s personal interests include yoga, running, reading (African literature and fiction). Her most interesting personal achievement was representing a client at the Refugee Appeal Board when she was an undergraduate student. Her interests for areas of research in the future include investments. She hopes to learn more about trade during the MILE programme and is grateful for this opportunity.