Nora Neufeld

Neufeld, Nora


A trade lawyer with a specialisation in WTO rules, Nora Neufeld joined the World Trade Organization in early 2001. As the Secretary of the Negotiating Group on Trade Facilitation, she oversaw the multilateral negotiations in this field. Following their successful conclusion, she is now in charge of the Preparatory Committee to prepare for the efficient operation of the Agreement. Ms Neufeld also engages in several teaching activities - both for the WTO and for several universities - and contributes to various training and outreach initiatives undertaken in cooperation with other intergovernmental organisations, academia and the private sector.

Before joining the WTO, Ms Neufeld worked for the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, which she joined shortly after having completed her PhD. During her 3 years with this organisation, she held various responsibilities in the areas of research and commercial diplomacy. Other professional experience includes work for a law firm as well as an assignment for the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Ms Neufeld's publications focus on international trade issues.