Aixuan Nie

Nie, Aixuan

Exchange student
China University of Political Science and Law

Aixuan Nie is a PhD candidate in law at China University of Political Science and Law. She received an LLM degree in European and International Law from the University of Hamburg and a Master's degree in Civil and Commercial Law from China University of Political Science and Law. In 2017, she won the Chinese Government Scholarship to the World Trade Institute of the University of Bern as an exchange student researching 'New Approach Directives In The Process Of European Legal Integration' for a year.

From 2015 to 2016, Aixuan worked as a Research Intern at China National Institute of Standardization, during which time she co-authored a research paper: 'Transformation Methods of United States Standardization Strategy and Standardization Organization - Responding to Strategic Emerging Industries' which was published in "China Standardization" and rated as one of the outstanding papers in the field of standardisation in 2016. During the internship, she was involved in the revision of China's standardisation law and the translation of English materials and documents on international standardisation. Aixuan also participated in a number of research projects on standardisation, which enabled her to have a better understanding of the development of standardisation at home and abroad.