Yinuo Liu MILE 18

MILE 18, Yinuo Liu


Yinuo LIU comes from China where lightning-fast advancements have been taking place in all domains. Law is no exception. Yinuo LIU has devoted herself to pursuing knowledge, insights, and hands-on experience in the field of law, specifically international economic law. Painstaking effort paid to academic learning in widely-recognised universities in China has won her a keen understanding of most aspects of international economic law, as well as its role and impacts in the world community.

Yinuo LIU developed an international vision in her early adolescence and dedicated herself to learning and mastering the English language. This has helped Yinuo LIU to readily and effectively communicate her ideas on all subjects to highly accomplished experts and scholars of international influence. In fact, this young lady has been so active that she has even taken part in major seminars and conferences held in China and other places in the world. For instance, Yinuo LIU has attended the Annual Conference of WTO Law Research Society of China Law Society on WTO and China three times since 2014. Bearing in mind that knowledge is pursued to be applied to real problems, she looks forward to engaging in as many professional and academic experiences as possible throughout her academic journey.