Amrit Onkar Bhatia

Onkar Bhatia, Amrit


Amrit Onkar Bhatia completed his schooling in Geneva and acquired a BA Honours degree in Political Science and Economics from the University of Toronto. He has recently received an LL.B degree from the University of Delhi.

Amrit is deeply interested in global governance issues and believes that despite recent turns to protectionism in some countries, technology is inexorably leading to greater global interdependence. Within the spectrum of governance issues, he is specially interested in international investment law, environment law, intellectual property rights and international trade regulation.

Amrit has also had the opportunity to intern and work with some reputed organisations– Tata Sons in Mumbai, WIPO and ITC in Geneva, the Delhi High Court, and Luthra & Luthra Law Firm in Delhi. While there is much to be learnt from the best practices of such organisations, what distinguishes truly outstanding organisations from others is the value systems that pervade all aspects of their functioning.

He passionately follows football, especially the Premier League, and plays cricket and golf. Like most Indians, Amrit is a polyglot and is able to speak Punjabi, Hindi, English, Oriya, and some Spanish.