Georgy Annenkov MILE 19

MILE 19, Georgy Annenkov


Georgy Annenkov holds a Bachelor in International Relations from National Research University «Higher School of Economics» in Moscow (Russia). During his studies, he became passionate about learning international trade, economics and law. Georgy is currently a Master candidate in International Trade Policy at National Research University «Higher School of Economics» in Moscow (Russia).

His diverse knowledge about international relations, economics, law and international history and culture was applied in practice during a number of internships for Russian and international companies. Georgy has gained productive experience and developed his professional skills working as a full-time journalist in a Russian news agency «Russian News Service», following which he has decided to study international trade in the MILE programme.

Georgy believes in multi-cultural cooperation and sustainable development. He is eager to devote his skills and efforts to develop international trade facilitation and world well-being. After the accession of the Russian Federation to the WTO, the growing importance of international trade coordination for the economy and social stability has become noticeable and evident for a vast part of the Russian community, and Georgy considers it an honour to take part and do one’s best in this vital international process.

Georgy is an avid reader and traveler. He speaks Russian, English and German and he dedicates his leisure time to sports and outdoor activities.