Teresa Hug Alonso MILE 19

MILE 19, Teresa Hug Alonso


Teresa Hug Alonso graduated from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London with a Bachelor in Economics and Law. Her European background and her year spent abroad in India fostered her interest in international affairs, however the interdisciplinary nature of her degree consolidated her focus on how economies interact and affect each other, within a framework that aims to regulate international relations. Her main academic interest lies within economics, however her degree included public international law, global commodities law as well as comparative growth in, and legal systems of, Africa and Asia. Her disseration focused on the IMF and income inequality in order to further her understanding of how international law and economics are interrelated. Finally, Teresa‘s course in international economics introduced her to international trade, which would become her favorite subject and lead her to the MILE programme at the WTI. Alongside her studies, Teresa worked at Credit Suisse, where she had the opportunity to gain insights into how global events can influence the financial market and how theories about exchange rates are applied in market forecasts. Further, she was able to work with the student society „180 Degrees Consulting“, which provides NGOs with advisory services. She gained further insight into this role through an internship in a management consultancy. In the future, ideally, she would like to be able to combine such a function with her research in international trade for institutional clients, similar to the WTI.