Nguvan Faith Agah

Agah, Nguvan Faith


Nguvan Faith Agah was born and brought up in Nigeria. She successfully obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administra­tion after which she started working for a Government Agency- Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission which encourages, promotes and co-ordinates trade and In­vestment as well as initiate and support measures which conspicuously provides a suitable investment climate in Nigeria.

Working with the Department of Strategic Communications, whose primary respon­sibility includes all activities related to the general marketing of Nigeria and its in­vestment opportunities to potential and present investors. The department helps to meticulously collate, compile and dis­seminate data to create the perception of Nigeria as the most attractive destination for international investment in Africa.

Nguvan’s grail in the MILE program is to acquire requisite knowledge and procure a comprehensive understanding of inter­national trade and investment in the fields of economics, law and political sci­ence as well as an intuition into the prac­tical workings of the WTO.

She hopes that the immense knowledge acquired from the program equips her for a career as a trade specialist building upon her knowledge of communication, organization and negotiation skills, de­ploying thus into current projects of the WTO in order to facilitate its course.

She is also passionate about women role in key leadership positions across gov­ernments, organizations, academia, the media, businesses and international or­ganizations that offer solutions to organ­izational and financial issues that matter.

Nguvan enjoys reading, engaging in intel­lectual conversations, travelling and cooking.