Alya Mahira

Mahira, Alya


Alya Mahira graduated cum laude on a Bachelor of Law Degree from Pelita Harapan University (UPH), Indonesia, concentrating on business law. Alya pursued her interest in the field of international law by joining the 17th John H. Jackson Moot Court Competition, where she obtained the title of 2nd Best Oralist in the Preliminary Rounds and top 5 Best Oralist in the Semi-final rounds of the competition.

From September 2019 to February 2020, Alya became research assistant at the UPH Centre for International Trade and Investment, where she was responsible for conducting research on issues of WTO law, international trade policies and current trade issues. Prior to being accepted to the WTI, Alya worked at FratiniVergano, a law firm based in Brussels, which mainly focuses on international trade issues. Alya joined the firm’s Singapore office to start the Jakarta practice.  At the firm, Alya’s responsibilities were focussed on monitoring Indonesia’s and ASEAN’s legal developments and policies affecting trade and investment, as well as carrying out legal studies and/or research on trade-related issues (e.g., export restrictions, pricing regulations, market access constraints, local content requirements, etc.). In addition, she has contributed to the Firm’s newsletter with the drafting of several articles on topics ranging from Indonesia’s safeguard tariffs to its import licensing procedures, the dispute settlement mechanism under the Regional Economic Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) Agreement, and the ASEAN Trade in Goods Agreement.