David Baumann

Baumann, David

PhD candidate

David is a PhD candidate in economics at the World Trade Institute (WTI) under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Joseph Francois. His research addresses the nexus between international trade and climate change, with a special focus on emissions pricing regimes, the theory and empirics of trade wars, and the impacts of natural disasters and extreme weather events on trade flows and global value chains.

Prior to joining the WTI, David has worked as a research assistant for a large longitudinal social structure study, as an assistant in energy and climate economics at an economics consultancy working for the Swiss government, and as an academic intern in the section for market regulation at the Swiss Federal Office of Energy.

David holds an MSc in Applied Economic Analysis with special qualification in Trade and International Development from the University of Bern. He is passionate about international trade, climate and energy economics, political economy, as well as data analytics and visualization.