Cai Cheng

Cheng, Cai

World Trade Institute

Cheng Cai is currently pursuing a Master’s degree at WTI, University of Bern, and at Shanghai University of International Business and Economics. He was awarded the Bachelor’s degree from the Law School of Tianjin University and passed the bar exam in China.

For him, the charm of international economic law lies in a perspective of interdisciplinary and internationality making studies closer to the truth. He believes that fair order in international economics can help the world stay peace and achieve sustainable development, which benefits every individual. Therefore, he is willing to devote himself to practical work and research on international economic law, hoping to help his country abide by international rules more and make her own voice heard at the same time.

The past decade has meant a lot to him, when he travelled from a small quiet town in Fujian, southern China to a northern university thousands of kilometres away from home, and then to Shanghai, to Bern. From quiet and risk-averse, he has grown into a person who enjoys all challenges. He likes listening to music, singing, playing the violin, hiking and swimming in his leisure time.