1 Dec 2021
Global Economic Governance, 15:00 - 16:30 (local time: Europe/Zurich), Online

Global Economic Governance Seminar Series: Enhancing the International Rule of Law through the Establishment of an MIC

By Marc Bungenberg, Director of the Europa Institut and Professor of Public Law, European Law and Public International Law at Saarland University

About the seminar series:
These courses consists of a number of stand-alone seminars on different aspects of global economic governance. These 2- or 3-hour seminars are taught by leading experts in the field. The purpose of the seminars is to allow students to benefit from the insights and personal experience of the experts invited, and to engage in discussions with the experts as well as among themselves on the aspects of global economic governance addressed.

Detailed information about this seminar can be found in the attachment below.

For current MILE and TRAIL+ students, attending the Global Economic Governance Seminar Series (worth 1.5 ECTS) is mandatory, either in the Fall or Spring Semester.

In case you missed this event, you can listen to it by using the following link and passcode:


Access Passcode: Yr@p9z4E

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