5 May 2022
Seminars, 16:00 - 17:00

Global Economic Governance Seminar Series: How the 19th and 20th-Century Colonialism still affects the Rules of the Multilateral Trading System to the Detriment of Developing Countries - An African Perspective

By Marumo Nkomo, Economic Counsellor at the South African Permanent Mission to the WTO.

The lecture will describe how 19th and 20th-century colonialism shaped the manner in which African countries traded among each other and with rest of the world. It will explore how WTO rules perpetuate the  continuance of these trade patterns and discuss ongoing efforts to cast off the colonial legacy.

Detailed information about this seminar can be found in the attachment below.

For current MILE and TRAIL+ students, attending the Global Economic Governance Seminar Series (worth 1.5 ECTS) is mandatory, either in the Fall or Spring Semester.

This lecture is exclusively held online:


Meeting ID: 860 5276 6591
Passcode: 388076

Read more about Marumo Nkomo here

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