16 May 2023
Brown Bag Seminar, 12:15, Anna Nussbaum Auditorium, World Trade Institute, Hallerstrasse 6, Bern, Switzerland

Brown Bag Seminar: "Pursuing Environmental and Social Objectives through Trade Agreements"

Miriam Manchin, from the Politecnico di Milano, visits the World Trade Institute to present her research on social and environmental provisions in trade agreements.


Using a large dataset covering more than 180 countries and spanning several decades, we employ a SDID estimator to identify the extent to which trade agreements incorporating non-trade provisions (labor standards, environmental protection and civil and political rights) are associated with improvements in corresponding non-trade performance indicators.

We distinguish between binding (enforceable) and non-binding provisions in trade agreements, and also control for the allocation of official development assistance targeting these three non-trade policy areas.

Overall, the results suggest that efforts made to date to include non-trade provisions in trade agreements have not resulted in consistent desired (better) non-trade outcomes.

Speaker's biography

Miriam Manchin is an Associate Professor at Politecnico di Milano, also a Research Fellow at WTI. Her current research interests include economic integration, trade agreements, cross-border production chains, business group networks, multinational firms, trade and development, trade and institutions, and migration.

We strongly encourage you to attend this event on-site. In case you cannot be present in person, you can use the following Zoom link to tune in virtuallyhttps://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZ0ucuCqrTIoGNwVHWDSjNSWqkiCPQuuLBmd 

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