24 Aug 2020    Other
Atkinson, Craig

‘Rules as data’ – the 21st century answer for trade facilitation?

Blog post by Craig Atkinson co-published by the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation and the World Trade Organization (2020)

  • Following digitisation of commercial documents, the digitalisation of trade implies functional use of data to improve the automation potential of cross-border processes.

  • By taking a human-centred approach to policy design in conformity with global semantic standards, trade rules in a ‘data driven’ format can address inequalities in access to information and modes of compliance. Such reforms also make digital solutions for trade facilitation, including national customs systems, easier for governments to deliver and maintain.

  • New trade networks are presently feasible. Extending the internet, a ubiquitous system for authoring, publishing and distributing executable rules, could enable businesses of all sizes to utilise data to better participate in international commerce.

‘Rules as data’ – the 21st century answer for trade facilitation?