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Yildiz Noorda, Aylin

Climate Change, Disasters and People on the Move

Climate Change, Disasters and People on the Move

Providing Protection under International Law. Series: World Trade Institute Advanced Studies, Volume: 11

Climate change is forcing us to consider the right of people to leave their disappearing homelands, and the shape this right should take. Climate Change, Disasters and People on the Move proposes international protection as a solution with three pillars: granting protection against return to the country of origin (non-refoulement); preventing future displacement; and facilitating safe, orderly, and regular migration in the context of disasters and climate change. Dr. Aylin Yildiz Noorda uses the theories of common concern of humankind and community interests to operationalise her proposal, providing a blueprint for future claims.

Author: Aylin Yildiz Noorda

Dr. Aylin Noorda, Ph.D. (World Trade Institute, University of Bern, 2022), is an Attorney at Law, working on sustainability. She also holds an LL.B. eq. (University of Istanbul, 2016), LL.M. (University of Toronto, 2014), and LL.B. Hons. degree (LSE, 2013).

The open access publication of this book has been published with the support of the Swiss National Science Foundation.

This book is part of the World Trade Institute Advanced Studies book series.

Climate Change, Disasters and People on the Move