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Karapinar, Baris

‘Sustainability’ in Agriculture: Stakeholders’ Perceptions in Turkey

‘Sustainability’ in Agriculture: Stakeholders’ Perceptions in Turkey

By Baris Karapinar in: Baris Karapinar, Fikret Adaman and Gokhan Ozertan (eds.), Rethinking Structural Reform in Turkish Agriculture: Beyond the World Bank’s Strategy, pp. 189-210

Book Description:
Turkish agriculture has been experiencing a period of unique policy experiment over the last couple years. A World Bank-initiated project, called the Agricultural Reform Implementation Project (ARIP), has been at the forefront of policy change. It was initially promoted by the Bank as an exemplary reform package which could also be adopted by other developing countries. It was introduced in 2001 as part of a major International Monetary Fund (IMF)/World Bank-imposed program of “structural adjustment” after the country had been hit by a major financial crisis. The project has finally come to an end in 2009, and there is now an urgent need for a retrospective assessment of its overall impact on the agricultural sector. Has it fulfilled its ambitious objective of reforming and restructuring Turkish agriculture? Or should it be recorded as a failure of the neo-liberal doctrine? This book aims at finding answers to these questions by investigating the legacy of ARIP from a multi-disciplinary perspective.

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