1 Nov 2011    Journal Articles
Aerni, Philipp

Sustainability and the Bioeconomy

Co-authored by Philipp Aerni and Justus Wesseler, in "AgBioForum, 2011, 14(3), 94-96".

The 15th International Consortium on Applied Bioeconomy Research Annual Conference (ICABR 2011) explored the linkages between sustainability and the bioeconomy. The conference took place from June 26-29, 2011.

This special issue of the journal on agrobiotechnology management & economics contains a selection of nine articles presented at the conference and a synthesis of key findings from ICABR 2011. They address questions related to the potential of the new bio-economy in general, as well as biofuels, the adoption of organic and GM agriculture to address issues related to agricultural productivity, product innovation, farmers’ experience, and adoption rates of genetically improved crops in Africa and India, and consumer choice of GM crops.

Sustainability and the Bioeconomy