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Leal-Arcas, Rafael

Climate Change and International Trade

Climate Change and International Trade

by Rafael Leal-Arcas, Queen Mary University of London, UK and University of Bern, Switzerland

Rafael Leal-Arcas expertly examines the interface of climate change mitigation and international trade law with a view to addressing the question: How can we make best use of the international trading system experience to aim at a global climate change agreement?

The insightful book contributes to developing the architecture for a post-2012
global climate agreement and, in doing so, seeks and proposes new approaches to climate change mitigation by linking it to the international trade system. The author suggests the adoption of a bottom-up approach to climate change negotiations by using the evolution of multilateral trade agreements as a model for reaching a global climate treaty. He discusses the innovative approach of inserting climate goals within regional trade agreements, given their proliferation – especially bilateral – in the international trading system. He explains the trade implications of climate change mitigation policies by analyzing a couple of areas where the international regimes for trade and climate change mitigation may potentially clash.

Climate Change and International Trade will appeal strongly to undergraduate and graduate students of international and European trade law, international and European environmental law, as well as social science academics. NGOs, think tanks, practitioners, researchers, and international organizations will also find plenty of valuable information in this timely resource.

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