31 Dec 2012    Journal Articles
Holzer, Kateryna , Karapinar, Baris

Legal Implications of the Use of Export Taxes in Addressing Carbon Leakage: Competing Border Adjustment Measures

Co-authored by Kateryna Holzer and Baris Karapinar, in "New Zealand Journal of Public and International Law, 2012, 10(1), 15-35".

The paper explores the interface between legal and welfare implications of unilateral border carbon adjustment measures taken by importing countries and carbon export taxes imposed by exporting countries. It argues that carbon export taxes will be an inevitable part of the future climate change regime in the abscence of a multilateral agreement. Hence, it discusses the role of export taxes in helping countries address competitiveness and carbon leakage concerns, and WTO law and economic issues arising from the use of climate policy-related export restrictions.

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