1 Nov 2012    Working Papers
Leal-Arcas, Rafael

Linking energy and climate change,” OUTREACH, Stakeholderforum, p. 4, November 2012

Authored by Dr. Rafael Leal-Arcas. In "OUTREACH, Stakeholderforum, November 2012, p.4".

Starting from the premise that climate change mitigation is a global public good, there is a nexus between energy and climate change, which encompasses a range of issues such as clean energy subsidies, carbon taxes, and border adjustment for carbon emissions. In the absence of a global climate agreement, this last point of border carbon adjustment may be a way forward in tackling climate change post COP-18 in Doha. As climate change is one of the most important public policy issues facing countries around the world, countries are adopting various policies in order to address these concerns. Of these, limiting anthropogenic (man-made) greenhouse gas emissions is a significant mitigation measure.

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