13 Jun 2013    Reports/ Presentations
Jost, Dannie

The Emergence of Open Hardware Phenomena in Different Technological Environments

HEPTech Workshop on Open Hardware (OSHW), at GSI in Darmstadt, Germany, within the remit of its Workgroup on Technology Transfer Practices;

Dannie Jost gave an introductory presentation on the emergence on open hardware phenomena, including synthetic biology and other technological environments at the HEPTech Workshop on Open Hardware on June 13 held at the GSI, Darmstadt (Germany). The workshop was organized by CERN and GSI. This event addressed the OSHW phenomenon and its implications for academia and industry with special attention to knowledge and technology transfer issues. Consideration was given to the various aspects of open source hardware development, and how these are dealt with in academia and industry. Presentations from legal experts, academics, practitioners and business provided input for the discussions and exchange of ideas.