19 Sep 2013    Reports/ Presentations
Yorke, Valerie

Politics matter: Jordan’s path to water security lies through political r eforms and regional cooperation

Presentation given by Valerie Yorke


Valerie Yorke will discuss the findings of her recent paper "Politics matter: Jordan’s path to water security lies through political reforms and regional cooperation”, commissioned by the University of Bern: Jordan faces a deepening water crisis, exacerbated by climate change, regional conflict, immigration, and poor governance. Its people are among the most water - deprived worldwide. Addressing how Jordan’s water challenge might be dealt with at national, regional and international levels, the study focuses on the under - researched and insufficiently understood ‘politics of water’. Analysis shows the crisis is linked to a wider problem – the Kingdom’s distinctive organisation of political power: An evolving political bargain between Throne and people, underpinned by patronage, permitted powerful anti - reformists to influence policymaking, especially over water resources – their allocation, use and management. Jordan’s political transition provides unprecedented op portunity for the country to prioritise strategically - important water issues. If a path to water sustainability is to be found, a nationwide, coordinated approach to parallel political and water reforms combined with imaginative regional diplomacy over shared and new supplies will be indispensable. The study offers combinations of local and regional solutions that could potentially lay the foundations for a water - secure future."

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